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Japan's Only Exhibition for Circular Economy Solutions
To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, all companies are required to transform their linear business models based on mass production & mass consumption to circular business models.
CIRCULAR ECONOMY EXPO is a new exhibition dedicated to circular economy creation, gathering circular design, sustainable materials, PaaS (product as a service) related technologies, resource recovery/recycling/reprocessing technologies, etc. Visitors of companies aiming for the circular business model will visit.

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Please confirm and follow"Compliance Rules" below. If you cannot follow the compliance rules,please refrain from covering the show.

-“Compliance Rules” for Press Coverage:

  1) Press shall not disturb businesses between exhibitors and visitors

  2) Press shall acquire permission from exhibitors before they feature their exhibits in their media

  3) Press shall report solely about exhibitors and exhibits and shall not report about the other issues

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